Supporting Our Security Officer

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The Department for Transport commissioned our team as part of a £0.75m consortium to identify new ways to support airport security officers. Security checkpoints are thriving and bustling areas where nervous passengers and their luggage are security checked before entering the secure air-side areas of an airport. Our team are focused on two streams of activity which aim to further strengthen detection rates in this critical process:
Human Factors focuses on the officers who conduct the searches to ensure that their working environment allows them to best attend to their front-line tasks.
Operational Analysis focuses on the processes and systems which ensure safety and security. We aim to explore optimal ways of configuring these resources and support decision making.
The project will: identify areas for further strengthening; develop pragmatic, security-conscious recommendations and models; test these recommendations for on-site feasibility; support the implementation of activities that will enhance the security of UK airports.
Human Factors: Pat Tissington, Ann Davis, Jeremy Dawson, Robin Martin.
Operational Analysis: Duncan Shaw, Ben Clegg, Prasanta Dey, Andrew Greasley.