CRISIS Centre begins Lincolnshire coastal flooding project

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Representatives from Aston Crisis Centre visited Lincolnshire last week in preparation for a new project on evacuating vulnerable people in coastal communities from flooding. The team visited Sutton-on-Sea and Mablethorpe to view coastal flood defences in the area. During their time in Lincolnshire the team met with local councillors, the Environment Agency and Lincolnshire Emergency Planning Unit.

The North East coast has a history of coastal flooding. The most severe incident in recent history was the 1953 North Sea Flood, which hit the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. A high spring tide and windstorm combined to cause a storm tide that rose over 5 metres above sea level. Waves over six metres high were reported in Lincolnshire. Floods breached defences across the United Kingdom, killing 307, of these 43 were from Lincolnshire. The flood inundated over 1,600 km of coastline, and overwhelmed sea walls. Across the country 30,000 people were evacuated and 24,000 properties damaged. In Lincolnshire 200,000 acres of farmland were destroyed, and hundreds of animals killed. Following these events coastal defences were improved.

The Crisis Centre will examine the challenges surrounding evacuating vulnerable people from the area, an issue especially relevant given population changes in the region that have seen a dramatic increase in the number of retirees moving to the North East coast over the last few decades.