Prof. Duncan Shaw to participate in EU-wide ‘Exchange of Experts' on coastal floods

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Prof. Duncan Shaw has been asked to participate an EU-wide ‘Exchange of Experts in Civil Protection’ which focuses on preparing an emergency response to coastal flooding. The exchange, which is being coordinated by the UK’s Cabinet Office and is funded by the European Commission, will share good practice among the governments of UK, Netherlands, France, Iceland, Poland and Germany. The exchanges will be centred around four significant exercises (or events) on coastal flooding, including:

· Exercise Watermark, which is a major national exercise that will trial a UK response to coastal flooding (Cabinet Office and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

· An evacuation workshop to evaluate the Netherlands draft National Operational Mass Evacuation Plan (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations).

· A seminar based on the France’s experience of the major coastal flooding incident in the Charente-Maritime area (Départmental d’Incendie et de Secours).

· Iceland’s experiences of flooding from ice melt caused by volcanic activity (Civil Defence Committee in Rangarvalla and V-Skaftafells).

As well as supporting the design of the exchange, Prof Shaw will join members in identifying and developing a future research agenda.