Disaster 2.0: Using Web 2.0 applications and Semantic Technologies to strenghten public resilience to disasters

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 D2.0 is a 2-year project exploring how EU governments currently and can potentially use Web 2.0 applications and Semantic Technologies in disaster response.  Governments across Europe are preparing to respond to a variety of disasters. New communication technologies are one aspect that governments can use to plan, coordinate and execute a proportional response. Our project aims to establish the role of Web 2.0 platforms in mitigating damage to critical infrastructure (CI) and building resilience in the public. It will also establish the scope for semantic web (Web 3.0) technologies in emergency management.

The €950,000 project is funded by the ‘Prevention, preparedness and consequence management of terrorism and other security-related risks’ programme,  European Commission – Directorate-Home Affairs (HOME/2010/CIPS/AG/002), Aston University and The University of Warwick.

For more information on D2.0 please visit the Project webpage (http://www.disaster20.eu/) or alternatively email: disaster20@aston.ac.uk