Decision support system for last mile relief distribution during disaster relief operation

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Disaster management is a constantly changing stream of research underpinned by the experiences lived all around the globe, with millions of deaths and expensive emergencies year after year. Still the essentiality of more research is needed, especially in the final relief distribution time during disaster response phase. After a disaster strikes, it is necessary to get the relief aid to the affected people by the prompt action of relief organisations. This supply chain process has to be very fast and efficient. The purpose of this project is to define the last mile relief distribution in humanitarian supply chain and develop a logistical decision support system for the last mile relief distribution.


The number and extremeness of natural disasters are very common in South Asian continent. Thus it is important to protect the disaster affected population and supply the necessary relief items in an effective and efficient way. There are four logistical decisions that commonly influence last mile relief distribution. These include facility location (identifying the most suitable place for inventory in the relief network); inventory management (efficiently manage the inflow and outflow of the relief materials); transportation decisions (to transport the relief to the needed area) and distribution decision (to quickly and efficiently distribute the relief materials to the affected population). These four decisions treated individually in the literature for last mile relief distribution. The aim of this current project is to combine these four decisions with the help of optimization technique and build a holistic decision support system for last mile relief distribution in the South Asian context.


Develop a decision support system to improve the logistical decision making tools during last mile relief distribution.


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