Keynote to Mayors of European Municipalities

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Professor Duncan Shaw recently delivered a keynote presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities (GMF) on 30th September 2009 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Secretary General of GMF, Mr. Mariano Vila d’Abadal, asked Prof. Shaw to talk about the ERGO project and the work of The Aston CRISIS Centre. His presentation focused on three models which the ERGO team are currently developing, including:

  • A framework for engaging the public and communities in emergency preparedness.
  • A model for estimating how long it might take for the public to receive an evacuation warning message.
  • A model that helps officials to decide when an evacuation might need to be called.

Attending the meeting were 40 mayors of municipalities from around Europe, including Slovenia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic and France, etc who gathered to discuss matters of nuclear safety. Prof Shaw's attendance at the event was sponsored by Electrabel GDF-SUEZ.

About GMF: In the Spring of 1993, GMF started to coordinate the efforts of different European municipalities located near nuclear facilities in order to look at, and increase the weight of these municipalities in, the decision making processes of the European Union that affects their territory and people. By joining this group, GMF members have a forum to have their say as a municipality about emergency planning and preparation on the national and European level.