Business School professor advised Middle Eastern security chiefs on crisis management

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A psychology expert from Aston Business School in Birmingham shared his high profile research on airport security at a conference of police chiefs, interior ministers and senior military officers in Dubai this weekend (Sunday 13 December).

Dr Patrick Tissington, a specialist in emergency decision making and crisis management, who has been involved in the development of government policy in this area, shared his research findings at the World Class Protection for Public and Strategic Buildings. The conference attracted senior officials from throughout the Middle East and responded to the region’s need to protect against potential terror attacks and security hazards in key public buildings.

As a key note speaker for the event, Patrick focused on the role of security officers and non-security staff in effective crisis management and the importance of efficient team working in preventing and dealing with a safety threat.

Patrick is a chartered Psychologist, a senior lecturer and head of business partnerships at Aston Business School. He is also part of the Aston Centre for Research into Safety and Security (CRISIS Centre). The CRISIS Centre provides a global research and consultancy service to high-level safety and security organisations. Clients include the Home Office (consultancy on preparing for a terrorist attack), the United Arab Emirate’s police force, the Fire and Rescue Service, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, the European Commission and the Defence Scientific and Technical Laboratory and its work has had widespread impact on policy and practice including:

  • The writing of new law in the area of dealing with nuclear waste
  • Informing high-level government policy advisors on preparing for evacuation in the event of a crisis
  • Training groups of international emergency managers
  • Transferring research findings to international governments

Dr Patrick Tissington, Associate Dean Business Partnerships, Aston Business School, said:

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to share my expertise with senior police, military and government officials from across the Middle East.

“The threat of terror attacks, natural disasters and health and safety hazards is very real in today’s climate. It is imperative that all organisations put measures in place to prevent these situations occurring or deal with them effectively if they do. It is one of the CRISIS Centre’s objectives to support governments across the world with their ability to respond to major safety and security incidents and I hope delegates at the conference took some useful good practice away with them. “

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